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Can Maryland injured workers choose their own doctor?

The answer to the question is, in Maryland, you can choose your own doctor to treat for a Maryland worker-related injury.  Besides wage loss benefits, the biggest concern of any injured worker is their own medical treatment.

Because Pennsylvania and Maryland neighbor each other, injured workers often get confused at differences between the two states when handling a work-related injury.  Many injured workers we represent live in northern Maryland or live in Pennsylvania, but get injured at work in Maryland.  Medical treatment choices are different in the two states.  Many Maryland injured workers assume they are not permitted to choose their doctors immediately after a work-related injury.  That confusion is related to living in or near Pennsylvania.  Let me explain.  In Pennsylvania, if you are injured at work, and your employer accepts the work injury, then injured worker must treat with a medical provider on the employer’s panel list for the first ninety days.  That being said, if you are a Pennsylvania injured workers and your work injury is denied, then you are free to choose your own doctor.  It’s different in Maryland.

Maryland injured workers are free to choose their own medical provider.  Maryland employers may have panel lists, but the injured workers are not required to treat with a panel medical provider.  In fact, it is important that injured workers choose a medical provider they are comfortable with, not their employer.  Choosing a medical provider is a step to confidence and dictating one’s own treatment.  Medical providers that are on a panel list are obviously more employer-friendly. Your biggest concern is getting quality medical treatment in your best interest, compared to a panel doctor who may have an interest to get you back to work before you are physically ready to work.

That being said, injured workers should not confuse the right of an employer to have you examined by a doctor of their choice, often called an independent medical examination.  An injured worker must attend that examine.  But, it is one exam, which is entirely different than a treating doctor.  Pennsylvania injured workers must attend an independent medical examination chose by the employer as well.

Simply put, if you have been injured at work in Maryland, and your employer attempts to force  you to treat with a panel medical provider, you should call Mooney Law right away.  Medical treatment is critically important in a workers compensation case.  Our firm will guide you through the complexities of Maryland workers compensation.  It can become quite frustrating.  That is precisely why you should call Mooney Law today.  Our consultations are always FREE.  Protect your rights and your benefits.  Call us today at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.  We stand ready to fight for you.  Despite COVID-19, we are operating and litigating claims.  Call today for a FREE phone consultation.