Average Weekly Wage Calculations in Maryland Are Important

How are wage loss benefits calculated under Maryland Workers Compensation.  First, it is important to understand that benefits are based on wage information that is unique to each individual worker.  Hence, comparing benefits with a friend or a neighbor is not helpful.

Maryland calculates wage information to determine the injured worker’s “average weekly wage.”  The average weekly wage calculation is based on average earnings per week.  More specifically, the calculation is based on the injured worker’s gross earnings in the 14 weeks prior to the date of injury, which is then divided by 14. For example, if an injured workers earnings were $9,000 in the 14 weeks prior to the date of injury, the average weekly wage for that injured worker would be ($9,000 divided by 14), $642.85.

The average weekly wage calculation is a quite significant factor in a workers compensation claim.  The amount of benefits paid to an injured worker over the course of their work injury is based on this specific calculation.  It is also important for injured workers to understand that the benefits they will be paid are not the actual average weekly wage number.  It is a portion of that average weekly wage based on caps set by the State of Maryland each year. Additionally, the State of Maryland also sets a maximum benefit amount, which is set at $1,080.00 per week for injuries occurring in 2020. It is absolutely vital that average weekly wage calculations are calculated properly. 

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