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Five Steps When Injured at Work in Maryland

There are five easy steps that Maryland injured workers can take to protect their claim for benefits.  These steps are fairly simple, but you will be surprised how often some, or all, are not followed by an injured worker, thus causing significant complications in their claim.

Step One:  Report the Work Injury

When you suffer an injury at work in Maryland, it is imperative that you report the injury right away to your employer.  First, if you do not report the injury right away, it leads to more skepticism of your truthfulness.  More importantly, there are time sensitive limitations.  Notice of injury must be given to employer within 10 days of the accident.  Failure to give notice may bar your workers compensation claim unless you provide a sufficient reason or if the employer would not be prejudiced.  For cases involving the death of an injured worker, notice must be provided within 30 days of employee’s death.  Pretty simple one here.  Just report the injury immediately when it occurs.  Additionally, make sure you report the injury to your supervisor or to the Human Resources office of your employer. 

Step Two:  Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

When you suffer a work injury in Maryland, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment immediately.  It is important to determine the extent of the work injury.  Often times, too many injured workers wait to treat until their condition worsens, which leads to more extensive medical treatment.  It is also important to document ALL the injuries, major and minor injuries.  Many times, what appears to be a more minor injury ends up being more symptomatic and serious later, so make sure you report all injuries, not just the most symptomatic at the time.  Additionally, just like above, failure to seek medical treatment immediately leads to skepticism form your employer. 

Step Three: Tell Your Doctor How You Were Hurt

It is important to tell your doctor, the doctor at the ER, or your family doctor, how the injury occurred and where it occurred. It adds yet another layer of documentation of the occurrence of the work injury. Don’t be afraid to be specific. If you hurt your low back while lifting a box that was about 20 pounds, then tell your doctor that. If you fell while at work, tell your doctor you fell, how you fell, and what body parts hit the ground. Don’t be afraid of facts.

Step Four:  Document Everything

When you suffer a work injury in Maryland, document everything.  Write down how the injury occurred.  Write down what witnesses were present, if any.  Write down what you told your employer.  Keep a log of who all you have treated with for your work injury.  Keep a log of any medical bills you receive.  Importantly, keep a log of days you miss at work due tot he work injury. Essentially, any information is good information and can make litigating your work injury much easier. 

Step Five:  Call Mooney Law for a Free Consultation

When you suffered a work injury in Maryland, call Mooney Law right away.  We offer absolutely free consultations for work-related injuries.  We can also file your claim with the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission on your behalf.   It is imperative that you plead the facts correctly on your claim with the Commission.  So call us.  Call us at 833-MOONEYLAW. For more information, visit our firm website at