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A Workers Compensation Hearing in Maryland

A Maryland Workers Compensation hearing occurs when there is a dispute between the injured employee and the employer/insurance carrier.  The initial dispute may be because your employer is disputing the occurrence of a work injury.  A hearing may be scheduled because you are not receiving on wage loss benefits.  A hearing may be scheduled because there is a dispute on the extent of permanency of the work injury.  There are many reasons why a workers compensation claim may go to a hearing before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. 

Who attends a hearing?

A frequent question I get from injured workers is who will attend the workers compensation hearing and what should the injured worker expect at the hearing.  First, typically at the hearing will be the injured worker and their attorney, an attorney for the insurance carrier, perhaps an employer representative or fact witness, and a workers’ compensation commissioner and court reporter.  Each case is a bit different and may or may not involve witnesses.

What should I expect at a hearing?

Another frequent question I get is what to expect at a Maryland workers compensation hearing.  The injured worker will testify before the Commissioner.  The injured worker should expect to testify about the circumstances of how the injury occurred, were there any witnesses, and who was the injury reported to at the employer.  You should then expect questions regarding your symptoms and functional limitations as a result of the injury and a medical treatment history.  You should expect to answer questions about the job you performed, the duties of the job, the physical nature of the job, and any return to work efforts you may or may have not have made.  You will be questioned by both attorneys and perhaps the Commissioner.       

How long after a hearing should I get a decision?

The hearing process in Maryland is starkly different than Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, a typical case in litigation may last 8 to 12 months with multiple hearings (claimant testimony, employer testimony, status hearings), a mediation, and two doctor depositions. Not in Maryland.  Typically, after you and witnesses are questioned at the hearing, the judge will end the hearing.  Generally, it is one hearing and done.  The injured worker should expect to receive a decision on their case in 14 to 30 days.   In Pennsylvania, again, you should expect a decision in your case in 8 to 12 months.   

Hiring an attorney for your Maryland case is the smart move.

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