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Filing Maryland Bankruptcy During COVID-19

You can still file Maryland Bankruptcy during COVID-19 pandemic.  The US Bankruptcy Courts are opening and functioning. 

COVID-19 has had more than just emotional, physical, and fear based impacts on people.  People are facing job loss, increased medical bills, increased credit card debt, missed car payments, mortgage and rent difficulties, and more.  Fortunately, these are some regulatory restrictions in place to help financial stresses, but those restrictions will not last indefinitely. 

It is important for people suffering financially to know that Bankruptcy courts are open, filings are accepted, and filings are moving forward.  In fact, the bankruptcy courts never closed.  That being said, the Maryland Bankruptcy Court system is operating with in-person visits restricted.  Creditor hearings (341 hearings) are being conducted by video and phone.  That should provide some ease for individuals who may be hesitant to go out right now. 

Restrictions that are pausing wage garnishments, mortgage foreclosures, and rental evictions are expiring soon.  Now is the time to set up a FREE phone consultation with Mooney Law to discuss if filing bankruptcy is the right option for your financial situation.  The bottom line is, filing personal bankruptcy can be an effective way reduced your financial stress and get you back on track to a better financial future. 

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