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What are ‘issues’ in Maryland Workers’ Comp?

The adjudication process of a Maryland workers’ compensation claim is significantly different than adjudication of a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania.  Starting the adjudication process in Maryland is usually done by the filing of “Issues”.  What exactly are ‘issues’ in a Maryland Workers’ compensation case?

Essentially, if either the injured worker or the employer/insurance carrier wants a hearing before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) about a matter, issues would be filed.  The filing of issues informs the WCC that a party wants a hearing and the WCC will then set a hearing date on the issues that were set forth.  The injured worker will receive notice that issues have been filed and later will receive a hearing notice with the date and location. 

In Pennsylvania, an injured worker or employer would file a Petition to be heard before a Workers Compensation Judge.  In Maryland, the issues are heard before a Commissioner of the WCC.  Issues are usually handled in one hearing and then a quick decision would be made by the WCC.  In total, the process could take 60 to 90 days.  In contrast, litigating a petition in Pennsylvania could take 8 to 12 months and includes multiple hearings, doctor testimony, and a mediation process.  So, although a 60 to 90 day wait for resolution of issues can be frustrating, in comparison to Pennsylvania, the process is fairly quick.

If the insurance carried filed the issues, it is because they are denying something, whether it be wage loss or medical benefits or something else.  If issues have been filed in your case and you do not have legal counsel, I strongly suggest you obtain legal counsel right away.  When you call Mooney Law, be sure to let us know that issues were filed so we can prepare to battle for you. 

Sometimes we may file issues on behalf of the injured worker.  It may be to get you paid, it may be to get the insurance carrier to do something, or it may be at the end of your case to get you PPD benefits based on an impairment rating.  It may be because the insurance carrier denied something. 

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