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Winter Weather and Slip and Fall Job Injuries

Winter weather no doubt causes work injuries. Our region was just walloped with substantial snow. This often leads to slippery parking lots, ice accumulation, and slippery work surfaces.

We see common injuries with slip and falls in parking lots due to refreezing of surfaces. We see truck accidents due to road conditions. We see warehouse and truck terminal injuries due to slippery surfaces.

We remind workers to stay safe. Take extra time performing tasks. Be careful in parking lots. Wear proper footwear and clothing. Even at that, work injuries occur due to these conditions. If you slip and fall due to slippery surfaces, what should you do? Follow this advice.

First, report the slip and fall and injuries to your supervisor. Additionally, ask for an incident report documenting the injury.

Second, seek immediate medical attention. It is imperative that when you see a doctor, make sure you describe ALL the injuries sustained. That is important. Often times, an injured worker just focuses on the injury that hurts the most, such as to their knee. Then later, they realize each day their back continues to worsen from the fall. It is natural at the time of incident that one body part may hurt worse than another. Insurance companies will be suspect and deny work injuries when initial medical reports do not document or mention a specific body part that is worse later. Report and all injuries to your doctor and your employer.

Third, protect your claim, your rights, and your benefits. Call Mooney Law right away for an absolutely free consultation. Call us before taking to the insurance company. Insurance companies are skeptical and looking to limit liability. Trust Mooney law, not the insurance company. Call today at 833-MOONEYLAW for a free consultation.