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Maryland Foot and Ankle Work Injuries

Maryland foot and ankle injuries are at work are common. I have represented many injured workers who suffered work-related foot and ankle injuries. In the beginning, some foot and ankle work-related injuries appear to not be a big deal. As time goes by, the condition deteriorates.

These type of injuries tend to case significant dysfunction for injured workers. So what are the common causes of foot or ankle related injuries we see in Maryland?

Common foot and ankle work-related injuries

Most foot and ankle injuries occur from a specific traumatic event, meaning the occurrence of an actual incidence that causes injury, rather repetitive activities. Here are common causes of work-related foot and ankle injuries:

 Slip and Falls at work on wet floors
 Falls from heights, such as on scaffolding or off the back of trucks
 Foot caught or pinned between pallets, scaffolding, boxes, and product
 Stepping on sharp objects
 Tripping over loose or protruding items on the floor
 Work-related auto accidents
 Impact of an object directly on the foot and ankle

Repetitive type injuries can also occur from:

 Standing or walking for longs periods of time
 Overexertion
 Repetitive walking on uneven surfaces

Workers tend to suffer injuries in a variety of ways. These type of injuries listed above are by far not inclusive of all types of foot and ankle injuries, they are more or less the most common we see.

The common ankle and foot injuries we see

We see a variety of foot and ankle work- related injuries. Often times, an injury may cause immediate pain in the foot, but the dysfunction also moves to the ankle, and vice-versa. Common injuries we see include:

 Sprains and strains. These type of injuries are often caused by awkward twisting or turning, most from slip and falls. Sometimes what we think may be a simple sprain/strain turns into actual ligament damage and tears. These type of injuries can cause severe dysfunction due to inability of weight bearing or walking.
 Bone fractures. The ankle, foot, and toes have small, easily breakable bones. These can result in crush type injuries and may also result in some additional nerve injuries, such as nerve entrapment.
 Tendonitis. Inflammation of the tendons around the joints of the ankle can be caused by overexertion, overuse, and repetitive walking and standing.
 Cartilage damage. Some times what appears to be a serious sprain/strain is actually cartilage damage in the bones.
 Burns and scarring
 Amputations

The fact is, the foot and ankles bear the weight of an individual. These injuries can be extremely disabling and take time to recover. Often times, these types of injuries may result in surgery, especially if there are significant fractures, ligament tears, or nerve entrapment. The best thing to do is to see an orthopedic specialist that specializes in foot and ankle type injuries. We can help injured workers with that process. Foot and ankle work-related injuries can be expensive and cause substantial time loss at work.

If your claim is denied, then contact us right away to fight for the benefits you are entitled to in Maryland. These injuries can also lead to some permanency of condition or symptoms, entitling an injured worker to a permanent award

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