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Are disability slips important in Maryland workers’ compensation?

Disability slips form your treating doctor are critically important in your Maryland workers compensation case.  We will explain below the importance of getting these slips each time you treat with your doctor.

What are temporary total disability benefits (TTD)?

Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are available to Maryland injured workers.  Best way to describe these benefits is that they are weekly benefits to pay you while out work and healing from the work injury.

These benefits are temporary because they are payable to you only while you are out of work and completely unable to work or until you reach the status of maximum medical improvement.   Another important to remember about TTD benefits is that you will not receive your full pay.  In Maryland, injured workers’ receive 2/3 of their average weekly wage.  You must miss more than three days of work. To receive TTD for the first three days, you must miss at least 14 days of work. After TTD benefits, you may qualify for a permanency award, which is additional financial benefits base don’t he extent of your impairment form the work injury.

Why are disability slips important?

To be eligible for TTD benefits, you must be unable to work.  Therefore, to prove to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier that you are unable to work, you must forward your disability notes to the insurance carrier that you receive from your doctor.  That is why it is critical that you get a disability work slip form your doctor from EVERY appointment that you have with your doctor.   Failure to provide these to the insurance carrier may interrupt your TTD benefits.   Don’t assume your doctor is forwarding your work note to the insurance carrier.

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