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Warehouse Injuries in Hagerstown and Frederick

Warehouse injured in Hagerstown and Frederick are becoming more prevalent with the onset of warehouse and distribution center growth in the area, particularly along Interstate 81 in Washington County.  The growth in Washington Country has been exorbitant along with across the border in Pennsylvania in Franklin County.  We can see warehouse related growth in the area with Food Lion, Amazon Distribution, Lowes, Accela, ALKD, World Kitchen, and Walmart.  With this growth has come more work-related injuries.

What type of warehouse related accident are we seeing?

Warehouse type of jobs often require heavy lifting, heavy labor, fast paced work and repetitive activities.  All of these factors can lead to work-related injuries.  What type of warehouse related injuries do we see?  Here at Mooney Law we have been practicing workers’ compensation law in Pennsylvania and/or Maryland for twenty years.  We frequently see injuries occurring from the classic lifting heavy boxes or pallets that result in injury.  We also see a pretty good share of slip and falls in the warehouses from wet floors, plastic, product, or other work-related materials   on the warehouse floors.  Also becoming more prevalent are various type of fork lift and pallet jack related injuries,  Unfortunately, many of these occur due to lack of training.

We also see a fair share of fast paced and repetitive type trauma were body parts are slowly injured over time and continues to worsen due to fast paced and repetitive activities.   Many warehouses have productivity goals that lead to a faced pace environment, which can cause overuse injuries.  We certainly hope warehouse businesses make strong commitments to appropriate training programs and logical productivity goals.

What type of warehouse related injuries are we seeing?

Unfortunately, no matter which type of accident occurs, it often leads to significant injuries.

With warehousing/distribution types of development come and increase in work injuries.  More people working and population growth alone will lead to more work injuries.  However, these types of employers many times cut corners on safety, stress quick paced work and apply pressure for workers to maintain fast-paced activity, or simply ignore safety hazards which lead to unnecessary and often devastating work injuries.

Five common warehouse injuries

There are five common work injuries that we see frequently with warehousing type operations.

First, we see forklift accidents.  These can be due to poor training, unsafe operation by users, crowded facilities, or just freak accidents.  They can result in pretty devastating accidents, even including fatal claims.

Second, we see overexertion injuries.  These are usually lifting type injuries which can cause injuries to the cervical (neck) spine, lumbar (low back) spine, and shoulder areas.  Another frequent injury we see here are rotator cuff tears and labrum tears in the shoulders.

Third, we see Repetitive Stress injuries.  These type of injuries occur over time because of highly repetitive activities at work.  Familiar type repetitive trauma injuries can include carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain’s syndrome (wrist), Epicondylitis, thumb injuries, ganglion cysts, tenosynovitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, pain in the neck, and pain in the shoulders.

Fourth, we see workers hit by falling objects.  These type of injuries are usually due to unsafe conditions at work, carelessness, poor operations setup, and human error.  We frequently see neck injuries, which are usually cervical disc herniations, concussions, shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, and back injuries, which many times can include lumbar disc herniations.

Fifth, we see slip and falls.  These type of injuries go beyond slipping and falling in parking lots or between buildings on ice and snow.   These can include slip and falls within the distribution centers and frequently occur when residue, grease, card board, paper, or cords are lying in traveling areas and create falling hazards.  As you can imagine, these injuries can vary from neck, back, and shoulder injuries to frequent knee type injuries, including meniscus tears, ligament tears, strains, hyperextensions, and more.  Many times these type of injuries are easily preventable by proper procedures, cleanup, and removal of safety hazards.

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