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How long does it take to get my Maryland Workers Comp settlement check?

When you settle your Maryland Workers Comp case, there is a timeline the workers’ compensation insurance carrier has to issue settlement funds.   The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission mandates the insurance company to issue funds within 15 days.  The 15 day timeline runs from either the Commission’s approval of the settlement (an Award Order) or generally when payment is due.

It is important to remember that the timeline starts on settlement approval.  The settlement process can be complex.  From the time you agree to an amount until the Commission approves the settlement can take some time.

The process starts with acceptance of the terms of agreement.  You through your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company until a settlement amount is reached or the two sides could not come to an agreement.  Assuming an agreement is met, the attorneys will prepare settlement documents.  Those documents may go back and forth a few times if changes are needed.  After the documents are finalized, then you will sit down with your attorney and review the documents then sign them.  Once the documents are signed by all parties, the settlement packet is then submitted to the Commission for approval.  It is important to note that the Commission has to approve the settlement. The Commission’s role in approval is to be sure the injured worker’s interests are protected.

Once the Commission is satisfied your rights and interests have been protected and that you have been represented by competent counsel, the Commission will then approve the settlement through an Award Order.  Should the Commission not approve the settlement, there is correspondence from the Commission to the attorneys on why the approval has not been provided and then the parties may seek to correct the deficiencies identified by the Commission.

One the Commission approves the settlement through an Award Order, the 15 day time period to issue settlement funds begins.  Should the insurance company fail to issue funds within the 15 day time period, then Issues can be filed for potential penalties against the insurance company.

Settlement process is a complex process.  The workers’ compensation process itself is complex and takes many twists and turns throughout a case.  That is precisely why it is imperative you have experienced and competent workers’ compensation legal representation.  Do not let the insurance company take advantage of you.  Call Mooney Law for an absolutely free consultation. We stand ready to assist Hagerstown and Frederick area injured workers. Call us today at 301-329-3630 or 443-712-7767.  You can also email us for a consultation at  Finally, feel free to complete the Schedule a Consultation form on our website.