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A Maryland Workers Comp Intake Process with Mooney Law

Mooney Law offers free consultation for Maryland workers’ compensation cases and the thought of a client intake can be stressful for injured workers.  This blog article walks you through what to expect from a Maryland workers’ compensation intake process with Mooney Law.

First, since the onset of the COVID pandemic, most of our clients prefer a phone intake so they can have the meeting with me in a much quicker manner.  My office will schedule the phone intake with you at a time convenient for you.

During the initial consultation, I will seek information form you regarding work history with the time of injury employer, wages you were earning at the time of injury, and the position you were performing when you suffered the work injury.  This information is important for completion of the Employee Claim to be filed with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Next we will dive into details on how the work injury occurred.  It is important to share as many details about how the injury  occurred. What were you specifically doing? When did you develop symptoms? What body parts were injured? Make sure you tell me about all body parts injured, even minor ones. Additionally, since the injury occurred, have your symptoms improved, stayed the same, or worsened?

Next, you should be prepared to discuss events right after the injury occurred. Were there any witnesses?  Was there video footage of the incident?  Who did you report the injury to?  Notice is important.  What did you specifically tell them when you reported it?  Did the insurance company contact you? Did they take a recorded statement? Did you give a written statement? Was a work injury report provided by the employer?

Next, you should be prepared to discuss your medical treatment since the injury. It is important to provide to me all medical providers you saw for the injury, even your primary care doctor.  Medical records are critical in Maryland workers’ compensation because they become evidentiary exhibits for your hearing.  The insurance carrier will also acquire those records.  It is also important for me to know any specialized medical treatment you have undergone, such as   MRIs, injections, surgery, therapy, etc. . . . This information is vital to the claim, so be specific.

Next, we will go through your current treatment.  Who are you currently treating with?  When is the last time you saw your doctor?  What treatment are you still undergoing?  What medications are you currently taking?  Are there any medical procedures scheduled in the future?

Finally, be prepared to let me know your current work status.  Are you back to work?  Out of work?  Working light duty?  If you are still treating and under work restrictions, please let me know what those current restrictions are that have been provided by your doctor.  Lastly, I will want to know what your current, ongoing symptoms are that you are still experiencing from the work injury.

I can’t stress enough that it is extremely important to share with me whether you had any prior injuries or pre-existing conditions involving the body parts you injured at work. It does not matter if they were minor issues that required little, if any, treatment. Just share all information. The more I know the more effective the representation will be in your case. Hiding or avoiding pertinent information regarding prior injuries can devastate your case, but disclosing will allow me to address those issues upfront.

At the conclusion of the initial intake, we will go over the fee agreement and any other forms I need you to sign to effectuate representation in your Maryland workers’ compensation case. I will also discuss with you what to expect moving forward. That is what we are here for, to navigate and guide you through the complexities of workers’ compensation and litigation.

I am more than happy to discuss your case with you to see how we can help you! Our consultations are always free. Call or email us today. You can call 443-712-7767 or 301-329-3630. You can also email us to request a consultation at For more information, you can visit the firm website at