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Maryland Healthcare and Nursing Home Work Injuries

In Maryland workers’ compensation, we see a fair share of healthcare and nursing home work injuries.  Most of these injuries include nurses (RN), certified nursing assistants (CAN), and Licensed practical nurses (LPN), although certainly not exclusive.  We also see many work injuries from home healthcare aides and caregivers.

Risks at healthcare and nursing homes that lead to work injuries

By far, the highest risk I see in my practice form healthcare and nursing home employees is patient care injuries.  These usually result from lifting a patient or stopping a patient from falling.   Many times these type of injuries could be avoided by not having employees perform these type of maneuvers individually without assistance.  I also see injuries that result from slip and falls in a nursing home.  These are caused by wet floors from various liquids or from debris on the floors.  More rare, but it happens, is exposure to bodily fluids or sickness.

Unfortunately, another area we are seeing at an increased rate is patient violence on an employee.   Some patients are just are functioning with cognitive deficits and lash out at our dedicated healthcare workers.  This often results in significant work injuries.   Healthcare and nursing home could also avoid some of these injuries by proving additional assistance with these type of patients.  It is so disheartening to hear about these type of abuse related injuries.

Common types of work-related injuries in healthcare

In my practice, as I stated above, most of what I see at healthcare and nursing home type of work injuries are patient related injuries.  These usually involve lifting patients or stopping patients from failing.  These activities case injuries to the low back, shoulder, knee, and neck areas.  For the low back, we often see strain/sprains and in some cases herniated discs.  Same goes for the cervical spine.  With shoulder type injuries we see rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, SLAP tears, and strains/sprains.  If a knee injury is involved, usually it is a twisting injury that leads to a strain/sprain or a tear of the meniscus.  Many times these injuries lead to extensive treatment, including surgery.

Unfortunately, our front line heath care workers bear much responsibility, but there work activities lead to work injuries.  If you are a healthcare front lien worker and have been injured at work, protect yourself and your future.  Call Mooney Law today for a free consultation.  We have helped many health care workers over two decades in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Call today to schedule your free consultation at 301-329-3630 or 443-712-7767.  You can also email us at  You can visit us on the web at