What does a Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee do?

A Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee is responsible for the examination of your petition and your proposed repayment plan under a Chapter 13.  The trustee is responsible for handling the court’s end of your case from beginning to end. Chapter 13 Trustees are appointed by the United States Trustee, who is an officer of the United States Department of Justice. Maryland has three Chapter 13 Trustees:  Timothy Branigan, Rebecca Herr, and Robert Thomas.  The Chapter […]

Filing Maryland Bankruptcy During COVID-19

You can still file Maryland Bankruptcy during COVID-19 pandemic.  The US Bankruptcy Courts are opening and functioning.  COVID-19 has had more than just emotional, physical, and fear based impacts on people.  People are facing job loss, increased medical bills, increased credit card debt, missed car payments, mortgage and rent difficulties, and more.  Fortunately, these are some regulatory restrictions in place to help financial stresses, but those restrictions will not last indefinitely.  It is important for […]

You can’t pick and choose debts when filing Bankruptcy

Often times, prospective clients will call our firm about filing personal bankruptcy.  One of the concerns they raise is that they have a specific debt, such as a credit card with their personal bank, that they wish to not include in a bankruptcy filing.  The question ultimately becomes, can I exclude that debt?  The answer is — NO, you cannot exclude a debt when filing personal bankruptcy.  The U.S. Bankruptcy Code requires that all of […]