Should I Give a Recorded Statement for My Work Injury in Maryland

The simple answer here is NO.  So why not give a recorded statement to the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster?  There are a few reasons. First, you are certainly not required to.  There is absolutely nothing in the Maryland workers’ compensation law or regulations that require you to provide any statement to the insurance adjuster.  So why would you then. Second, the insurance carrier represents your employer.  They pay benefits.  Therefore, they are in the business […]

Work-Related Neck Injuries in Maryland

Work-related neck injuries are common as work-related injuries in Maryland.  Neck pain can be quite debilitating and cause life-long problems for injured workers. The spine is made of discs broken down into three categories:  cervical, thoracic, and lumbar.  Neck related injuries are to the cervical spine.  The cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae and ranges from the skull down to the upper back at the shoulders.  Injuries to the cervical spine can impact the ability […]

Maryland Foot and Ankle Work Injuries

Maryland foot and ankle injuries are at work are common. I have represented many injured workers who suffered work-related foot and ankle injuries. In the beginning, some foot and ankle work-related injuries appear to not be a big deal. As time goes by, the condition deteriorates. These type of injuries tend to case significant dysfunction for injured workers. So what are the common causes of foot or ankle related injuries we see in Maryland? Common […]

Common Causes of Hagerstown Forklift Injuries

Forklift accidents can cause serious bodily injuries for people working in warehouses throughout Northern Maryland.  Looking up and down Interstate 81 from Greencastle to Hagerstown, warehouses and distribution centers blanket the landscape.  They produce jobs.  The distribution center economic development along the Interstate 81 corridor has not slowed.   Unfortunately, warehouses also bring more work injuries to a community.  You can read about common warehouse injuries right here. Heavy machinery, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and other powered […]

How Long Do Maryland Workers’ Comp Wage Loss Benefits Last?

When you are injured at work in Maryland, you may be eligible for wage loss benefits. A common question I receive is, how long do these wage loss benefits last? How much are wage loss benefits in Maryland? Let’s first take a look at wage loss benefits in a Maryland workers’ compensation case. How much are benefits are payable to an injured worker? That question is dictated by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation law and the […]