In Maryland, Seven Things to NOT DO in an IME

Independent Medical Examinations are frequent in workers compensation cases in Maryland and  Pennsylvania.  Just a few quick words about an IME.  First, they are not ‘independent’ exams.  These are exams scheduled by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, with a doctor they choose, and scheduled most often for very specific reasons.  Those reasons may include attempt to get a full recovery opinion, to deny medical treatment, or to return the injured worker back to work.  You […]

Maryland Workers’ Comp Filing Deadlines

Injured workers in Maryland have very specific statutory deadlines that must be complied with to be eligible for Maryland workers’ compensation benefits.  Let’s take a look at those.  Notice to the Employer When you are injured at work, you have to notify your employer of the injury.  Failure to do so may bar eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. There are some nuances to the limitations, but the best practice is always to report the work […]

Five Steps When Injured At Work in Maryland

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Winter Weather and Slip and Fall Job Injuries

Winter weather no doubt causes work injuries. Our region was just walloped with substantial snow. This often leads to slippery parking lots, ice accumulation, and slippery work surfaces. We see common injuries with slip and falls in parking lots due to refreezing of surfaces. We see truck accidents due to road conditions. We see warehouse and truck terminal injuries due to slippery surfaces. We remind workers to stay safe. Take extra time performing tasks. Be […]

What are ‘issues’ in Maryland Workers’ Comp?

The adjudication process of a Maryland workers’ compensation claim is significantly different than adjudication of a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania.  Starting the adjudication process in Maryland is usually done by the filing of “Issues”.  What exactly are ‘issues’ in a Maryland Workers’ compensation case? Essentially, if either the injured worker or the employer/insurance carrier wants a hearing before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) about a matter, issues would be filed.  The filing of […]

A Workers Compensation Hearing in Maryland

A Maryland Workers Compensation hearing occurs when there is a dispute between the injured employee and the employer/insurance carrier.  The initial dispute may be because your employer is disputing the occurrence of a work injury.  A hearing may be scheduled because you are not receiving on wage loss benefits.  A hearing may be scheduled because there is a dispute on the extent of permanency of the work injury.  There are many reasons why a workers […]

Five Steps When Injured at Work in Maryland

There are five easy steps that Maryland injured workers can take to protect their claim for benefits.  These steps are fairly simple, but you will be surprised how often some, or all, are not followed by an injured worker, thus causing significant complications in their claim. Step One:  Report the Work Injury When you suffer an injury at work in Maryland, it is imperative that you report the injury right away to your employer.  First, […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission Issues Courtroom Protocols

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission issued courtroom protocols today, as it moves to return to in-person hearings.  The hearings procedures will be vastly different due to COVID-19.  As the Commission moves to begin in-person hearings, here are the changes in guidelines at hearing locations. Persons should expect to wear masks/face coverings while entering and exiting the hearing location Persons should expect to answer questions prior to entering the hearing location.  If a person refuses to […]

Hernias do not meet occupational disease definition in Maryland workers compensation

Hernia work injuries must occur form an accidental injury to be compensable in Maryland workers compensation.  Recently, the Maryland Court of Appeals decided a case on hernias and occupational disease. Let’s start there.  Under the Maryland Workers Compensation Act, an injured worker can claim an accidental injury or an occupational disease. The definition of these distinct injures are: An accidental injury is one that happens ‘by chance or without design, taking place unexpectedly or unintentionally.” […]

What is a permanency award in Maryland Workers’ Compensation?

Pennsylvania and Maryland workers’ compensation systems are starkly different in terms of benefits and settlements.  So if you have been injured at work in Maryland, what is your case worth? First, while an injured worker is recovering from a work injury, the injured worker may be entitled to temporary disability benefits.  If the injured worker is out of work due to the injury, then the injured worker may receive temporary total disability. Additionally, if the […]