Mooney Law Opens Reisterstown, Maryland Office

Mooney Law is proud to announce the firm’s expansion into Maryland with the opening of a full-time office in Reisterstown, Maryland. The new office is located at 25 Main Street, Suite D in the Allensway Center in downtown Reisterstown.  The office can be contacted at 443-712-7767. The new Reisterstown office will be fully staffed with an attorney and support staff. With a full-time General Practice attorney in Reisterstown, the office will be able to assist Marylanders […]

What is Mediation in Maryland Workers Comp?

Mediation in Maryland Workers Compensation often happens when an injured worker files a claim and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier denies the claim.  Not all work injuries lead to an insurance company accepting the claim and paying benefits.  When you are injured at work and your work injury is denied, you have to file a claim with the Maryland Workers; Compensation commission to litigate the dispute. In most instances your claim will not immediately proceed […]

Mooney Law Offers Free Phone Consultation Through February for Maryland

Mooney Law is offering FREE phone consultations through the month of February due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Mooney Law operates 15 locations through Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Mooney Law has recently expanded it’s geographic footprint into Maryland with two meeting locations in Frederick and Westminster. The firm’s represents Maryland clients in Workers Compensation, Auto Accidents, Social Security Disability, Bankruptcy in Chapter 7 and 13, and Elder Law and Estate Administration. Mooney Law has […]

Five Steps When Injured at Work in Maryland

There are five easy steps that Maryland injured workers can take to protect their claim for benefits.  These steps are fairly simple, but you will be surprised how often some, or all, are not followed by an injured worker, thus causing significant complications in their claim. Step One:  Report the Work Injury When you suffer an injury at work in Maryland, it is imperative that you report the injury right away to your employer.  First, […]

Average Weekly Wage Calculations in Maryland Are Important

How are wage loss benefits calculated under Maryland Workers Compensation.  First, it is important to understand that benefits are based on wage information that is unique to each individual worker.  Hence, comparing benefits with a friend or a neighbor is not helpful. Maryland calculates wage information to determine the injured worker’s “average weekly wage.”  The average weekly wage calculation is based on average earnings per week.  More specifically, the calculation is based on the injured […]