Mooney Law represents client with Maryland work injuries in Maryland Workers’ Compensation.  If you have been injured at work, it is important you follow a few steps to protect your rights and benefits in Maryland Workers’ Compensation.  Follow these three steps to best protect you.

Report the Injury

In Maryland, you have ten days to report a work injury to your employer.  If you wait more than 10 days, your benefits could be in serious jeopardy.  It makes sense.  If you are injured on the job, your employer has a right to know.   These statutory deadlines are extremely important and very difficult to get around should you miss a deadline.  This is simple.  If you get injured on the job, tell your supervisor, manager, or human resources immediately.  Also, make sure you ask for an incident report after you report the injury.

Seek Medical Treatment

This may seem obvious, but often times, it is not.  Many injured workers work in tough atmospheres, such as warehouses, assembly plants, manufacturing facilities, quarries, mills, and more.  They perform physical jobs.  Often times, when an injured worker feels pain, they decide to either ‘work through it’ or assume it will just go away.  Often times the pain does not go away, but gradually worsens.  When you are injured at work, it is important that you seek medical treatment right away.  Small tears can be treated conservatively.  Strains/sprains can be treated conservatively,  Waiting too long and continuing to expose the injury to physical activity often times leads to more significant injuries that may then require surgery.  Just get medical treatment right away.

Second, make sure you tell your doctor about ALL of you injuries, not just the worst one.  Let me explain, I had an injured worker who slipped and fell at work on ice.  He worked at a trucking terminal.  He injured his knee and back.  However, his knee was far worse at the time of injury.  He sought medical treatment and advised the doctor about his severe knee pain and that he tweaked his back.  He did not mention the back much more after that, because of the amount of pain in his knee.  Weeks and months later, his knee improved after surgery, but his back did not.  Since he did not speak to his doctor often about his back, because he was more concerned about his knee at the time,  lower back medical treatment was being denied by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  We had to litigate to expand the injury description to get the medical coverage he needed.  Litigation takes time.  Frustration of the injured worker rises.

Avoid that scenario.  Make sure you tell your doctor about all your injuries, each time you go see your doctor.  Medical records are important.  With you advising your doctor each time regarding your current symptoms, those symptom complaints are making its way into your medical records.

Call Mooney Law

Finally, do not go it alone.  When you are injured at work in Maryland, Call Mooney Law right away for a FREE CONSULTATION.

The Maryland workers’ compensation act was designed to provide benefits to employees injured or made ill while at work.  However, it is costly to employers.  That ultimately leads to many employers and insurance carriers denying work injury claims.  Mooney Law has extensive knowledge of workers compensation laws.  WE can help protect and fight for your benefits that you deserve.  Maryland workers compensation has different statutory deadlines for type of injury.  It’s complex and confusing.  You should be focused on your medical treatment and getting better.  Let Mooney Law handle the complexities of workers compensation for you.  Mooney Law ill handle the deadlines, paperwork, filings, and other requirements for your work injury.  Don’t be intimidated by your employer or insurance carrier.  Mooney Law is experienced, proven, and trusted in workers compensation.   We understand your rights, we know the law, and we stand ready to fight for you.

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